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Inspiring Jewish Pride and Identity. Inspiring Jewish children - the future of Judaism. 

Our Morahs

Mrs. Chaya Eilfort


Mrs. Nechama Eilfort

Teacher and Mentor

Mrs. Muka Rodal

Head Teacher

Additional Leaders

Rabbi Elia Eilfort

Bar Mitzvah Teacher

Rabbi Yossi Rodal

Teen Leader

Mrs. Chava Cutler

Aleph Champ Mentor

About Us

Our Vision

Imagine a Hebrew School where kids don’t want to miss a day. They come in with a smile and leave humming a Hebrew song. Imagine a child who feels the warmth and spirit of Judaism and understands its importance in today’s society.

Coastal Hebrew School is a unique Hebrew School where the beauty, values and traditions of Judaism are brought to life through a kaleidoscope of activities and interactive lessons. We’ve dedicated our resources to ensure that your child’s experiences reflect a positive, cheerful and enjoyable chapter of his or her maturing process. Our school enjoys a well-earned reputation as a trendsetter in creative Jewish education for kids ages five to thirteen.

At Chabad our goal is simple: We want our students to view Judaism in an intelligent, relevant and upbeat light. By year's end, along with the Aleph-Bet, Holiday learning and Hebrew literacy, your child will have developed a deep love and appreciation for their precious heritage, imbuing their every day with a sense of pride and purpose.

Our Philosophy

 Our school is a traditional learning center that successfully caters to Jewish families from all walks of life.

Indeed, everyone can feel comfortable with our style and approach. Our school welcomes every Jew, regardless of religious background or level of observance. It is for this reason that our school does not require any membership or prior affiliation as a condition for enrollment.



  • Attain a strong sense of love of Judaism and pride in being Jewish.
  • Discover & explore the Torah (Bible), the incredible history of the Jewish people & see its relevance in today's day & age.
  • Gain an understanding of the practices & traditions of Judaism.
  • Know the morals, values & ethical behavior mandated by the Torah.
  • Hands-on experience & appreciation for all Jewish holidays.
  • Master Hebrew skills of reading & writing.
  • Understand basic Hebrew words.
  • Learn basic prayers so that the students will feel comfortable when attending services.
  • Identify with the land of Israel & its inhabitants.
  • Allow students to express their opinions and questions about G‑d, Torah & religion.

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Coastal Hebrew School

7740E El Camino Real, Carlsbad, CA 92009

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Mrs. Nechama (760) 943 8891
Rabbi Elia (760) 586 6192


Sunday 9:30-12:00

*Special event days 10:00-12:00